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Code of Conduct

Ethics / Code of Conduct
The mission of Friends is to create and maintain a beautiful, serene sanctuary in the center of Port St. Lucie that is environmentally sound and naturally diverse and to provide educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for all who visit. To support that mission, participation in all of Friends’ activities and programs at the Gardens is welcomed only to Members, volunteers, staff, service providers and vendors who adhere to the following Ethics / Code of Conduct:
1. Treat all members, volunteers, staff and visitors with civility, respect and fairness, and maintain the highest standards of ethics.
2. Comply with our governing documents, policies & procedures.
3. Comply with all local, state and federal laws.
4. Contribute services that advance Friends’ mission only.
5. Acknowledged: use of illegal drugs and/or use of alcohol above the legal limit is prohibited.
6. Acknowledged: Use or display of firearms or other weapons is prohibited.
7. Acknowledged: Acts of violence or intimidation are strictly prohibited.
8. Commit to protect Friends’ assets, both tangible and financial, and commit to protect Friends’ proprietary property and information.
I, the undersigned, have read & understand this Ethics / Code of Conduct